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I’ve been messing around with a little app called Infinite Doodle for a while now while I really should be working on porting Gateways to Mac and Linux. I reckon it’s pretty much done now though so I’ve uploaded the Windows version to the website for all to try. I started working on it as an XBLIG title but I figured I might as well release a freeware version of it for PC.

Download it here!

It’s basically a very simple drawing application that lets you scribble freehand, draw shapes like circles and squares, write text and stamp colorful clipart. The twist is that it lets you zoom in and out an infinite amount so you can keep adding detail at infinitely smaller levels. Here’s a video that explains it better than words can:

I’d love to see any doodles that people come up with!

4 comments on “Infinite Doodle

  1. Alex Haworth on said:

    Hey! That’s an awesome idea… I kinda took a part of your idea and built it into a game I’m working on:)

  2. Alex Haworth on said:

    Oh ya, I assumed you just scaled the vector points. Definitely gives the illusion of 3D though! I love feeling of infinitely zooming in, reminds me of both fractals and the classic hypnotic spiral.

  3. Matthew Doucette on said:

    I just purchased infinite doodle for Xbox and played with my son. He loves it more on the Xbox than on the PC!

    We found two bugs:

    1) We actually managed to Code 4 it after using a rapid fire controller to paste thousands of stamps over a period of 20 minutes or so.

    2) Another bug was we could not move in the down-left direction. when pressing the controller all the way. Half-way down-left would work. This made it hard to draw! :(

    Great work though. Let me know if you fix this bug!

    • SmudgedCat on said:

      I wonder if you’ve pushed it enough to get an out of memory crash? I should impose some limits on how many things are allowed to be placed!

      Not being able to move down-left sounds like a strange bug though, I’ll need to investigate that. I presume that pad works OK for other games? Have you got another pad you can try because I feel like I would have encountered this problem before.

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