Gateways Editor beta released

I decided a while ago it would be nice to release an editor for Gateways. Obviously I had an editor that I used to make the game itself so I decided it wouldn’t take too much effort to neaten things up and release it to the world. Naturally there was a bit more work involved than I first thought as tends to happen with these things but I’ve now released a beta version of the editor.

You can download it here.

A new version of Gateways (1.12) went live yesterday which includes the ability to load user generated levels. If you’re on Steam or Desura you should get notified about the updates. If you bought the game through the Humble Widget on the website then you can download the latest version using the link you received when purchasing.

There were a few more changes included in the latest version like the ability to redefine the keys from within the game, ambient light and light from the torch passing through gateways, the next objective arrow and post processing effects can now be disabled from the menu and there is a start screen in the PC version so you can start the game from any controller.

I’ll still be actively working on it so I appreciate any feedback about the editor. I’d like to integrate support for Steam Workshop but I haven’t fully looked into the details about that yet.

I uploaded a demonstration video that shows some of the features of the editor:

If you create something worth sharing then I recommend posting about it on the Gateways forums.

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