8 comments on “Gateways now available on Linux and Mac

  1. Beemer on said:

    Thank you! I got the ‘backwards’ key! (I don’t have a twitter account so I couldn’t reply there).

  2. Stephan on said:


    I like the game so far, but there is an area which is unplayable for me as the game begins to crawl and everything is awfully laggy. I already sent you a message via facebook, but just in case, here are the links to two screenshots, showing the exact area. Tia.


    • SmudgedCat on said:

      I can’t think why things would be slowing down around that area, there isn’t an excessive amount going on there. And it runs OK everywhere else?

      You could try disabling the post processing effects from the pause menu, that might speed things up a bit. Are you running in full screen mode? That normally runs more quickly.

      • Stephan on said:

        I have tried all the available options and it doesn’t make any difference. The slow-down starts each time I enter this area. It seems to be kind of a gradual slowdown, starting slightly to the right and it gets worst (so far) in the area from which I took the screenshot. I barely managed to jump the next platform but the problem persisted and so there was no way to jump to the next, as also the keyboard-input is lagged.

      • Stephan on said:

        And yes, so far this is the only area with a slowdown.

        • SmudgedCat on said:

          Can I ask what your system specs are please?

          • Stephan on said:

            - Ubuntu 13.04
            - AMD Athlon II X2 (which I think runs with 2 GHz, but not sure)
            - 4 GB RAM
            - GeForce GTX 560 Ti (it’s a special version that is slightly overclocked and runs more demanding games just fine)

            What I’ve noticed is that CPU usage goes up from about 80 to 90 % to over 100% when I reach the problematic area, so something is happening there.

            I’ve also recorded a short clip to illustrate the effect. It starts on that platform and keeps lagging at least until I reach the platform above. From there it’s impossible to go on because of the lag. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/32605356/out.ogv

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