The Tower: A Bomb’s Climb The Tower: A Bomb's Climb is an Xbox Live Indie Game released on 16/04/2010.  You can find it in the Indie Games section of Xbox Live Marketplace.  It's a mutliplayer 2D platform game using only one button.  Players hold down the jump button to charge up a jump and then release to leap into the air.  Timing is everything as you continually move back and forth across the screen and must pick your route up the platforms of the tower carefully.  Ascend the tower quicker than your friends to drop them into the fire below and win the game. As well as mutliplayer the game features a single player score attack mode.  In this mode the screen continually scrolls upwards picking up pace the higher you climb.  Thankfully you can collect power ups to assist you that stop the screen from scrolling, boost your jump speed for a while, give you an extra life or just make you do a massive jump.  The game features peer-to-peer high score sharing so if you're playing at the same time as other people you'll share your high scores. Videos Downloads Download The Tower - A Bomb’s Climb to your XBox Screenshots
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