Timeslip Timeslip is a Windows and Xbox Live Indie Game released for the Xbox on 03/02/2010.  You can find it in the Indie Games section of Xbox Live Marketplace or for free on Windows at the link below.  It was originally a Playstation Yaroze game that was released on an Official Playstation Magazine cover disk but has been updated with HD graphics and a new soundtrack for the Xbox re-release. The game features a time travelling snail who is caught in a loop in time.  Every 30 seconds he is thrown back in time to encounter earlier versions of himself.  While the earlier versions can help by opening doors they must also be avoided as colliding with one will cause a paradox. Videos Downloads Download Timeslip to your XBox Download Timeslip for Windows v1.01 (65.5MB) Tips The clock isn’t just useful for knowing when you’re about to travel back in time.  It’s sometimes useful to remember what time is showing on the clock when you’re waiting at a particular location.  When you travel back in time you can use that information to avoid your past self. Sometimes it seems instinctive to run around standing on the relevant switches and worry about dealing with your past selves later.  A lot of the time it’s best to play the other way round and think about where you might be in the next timeslip and leave yourself a safe spot. Screenshots
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