Growing Pains Growing pains is a fast and furious psychedelic platformer released on the 10th of November 2011 in the Indie Games section of the XBox 360 Live Marketplace. Growing Pains gives the traditional platformer a shake up with psychedelic graphics, a thumping sound track and an ingenious twist that you’ve never seen before. The ‘Vessel’ which you control continually grows and expands leaving you in a permanent race to clear the area and escape before you get too big and find your butt wedged in a tight spot. Combine this with tight controls and levels crammed with devious traps and you’ve got a heart- pounding race guaranteed to leave you with sweaty palms and a sense of overwhelming satisfaction when you reach the goal. Despite costing a measly 80 MS points Growing Pains features 9 massive levels each with 3 difficulty levels that radically change how each level plays out. This is the kind of game that just makes you want to show everyone your skills so level times and replays are shared with other gamers while you play allowing you to compare high scores against your friends and the rest of the world. Videos Downloads Download Growing Pains to your XBox Screenshots
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